Who we are

IME GSEVEE is a research body for small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece and supports scientifically GSEVEE

policies and put forward GSEVEE
proposals and positions

Design & implement

studies and surveys


methods and tools supporting enterprises


projects fostering small enterprises
and their human resources

Production and dissemination

of scientific knowledge on issues of interest to small enterprises.


the role of GSEVEE as a national social partner,
and its member federations as well


enterprises and human resources so that they can adapt to the changing economic environment


Raising the role of small enterprises as a decisive and dynamic factor for the social and economic development of Greece.

Connected Operators

Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen, and Merchants

GSEVEE was founded in 1919 with the aim to defend, promote, and consolidate the professional, economic, and social interests of professionals, craftsmen, and merchants in Greece


GSEVEE Vocational Training Centre

KEK GSEVEE was founded in 1995 with the aim to meet the increased needs of employers and employees of Greek enterprises in vocational basic and advanced training, and lifelong learning.


You may find below a compendium of the actions, projects and studies that have been implemented by IME GSEVEE during the 2007-2015 period

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GSEVEE Small Enterprises’ Institute is founded in December upon the initiative of its Administrative Council and its President Mr Dimitris Asimakopoulos. At the same time, its first educational work is being planned.

IME GSEVEE is relocated to a new privately-owned building, located at 46, Aristotelous Street, designed by the celebrated architect Mr Kyriakos Kyriakides. At the same time, IME GSEVEE proceeds with the recruitment of high-level scientific staff.

The Economic Climate Survey in Small Enterprises is conducted and presented for the first time. To this day, the survey is carried out on biannual basis throughout Greece, reflecting the trends in the small and medium-sized enterprises’ economic environment.

IME GSEVEE’s activity scales up through the operation of branches in Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Larissa, Patra, and Heraklion, with the objective to support GSEVEE’s member federations and strengthen small enterprises and their human resources in the regions.

Small enterprises’ support mechanisms and units are developed through the operation of IME GSEVEE entrepreneurship network, innovation and clusters unit, and Equality Office. The Institute fosters its presence in the training and lifelong learning field, leading an association of Social Partners’ bodies aiming at the implementation of upskilling for employees and self-employed which has been included in European Social Fund’s good practices.

The new administrative council of GSEVEE and IME GSEVEE is elected, and Mr Georgios Kavvathas takes over the position of the president for the new term. IME GSEVEE gets certified with the Quality Management System in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008.

It contributes to enhancing Social Dialogue in Greece through the cooperation with National Social Partners’ Institutes and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

IME GSEVEE takes over the leading role in a joint action by Social Partners’ Institutes on skills, contributing to the creation of the National Labour Market Diagnosis System. The same year saw the successful completion of the 2007-2013 NSRF projects, which led to the support of more than 2,500 enterprises, 52 GSEVEE federations, the development of 11 clusters, the elaboration of more than 65 studies, surveys, and educational materials, and the implementation of more than 800 seminars with 20,000 participants.

Mr Georgios Kavvathas is re-elected as GSEVEE and IME GSEVEE President, and the new Administrative Council is elected. IME GSEVEE develops a strategy for the new 2014-2020 programming period, planning new projects and actions.

Management Board

Kavvathas Giorgos

Kavvathas Giorgos

Nazos Andreas

Nazos Andreas

Aggelakis Evaggelos

Aggelakis Evaggelos

Vargiamis Dimitris

Vargiamis Dimitris

Vafeiadakis Ioannis

Vafeiadakis Ioannis

Stavroulakis Konstantinos

Stavroulakis Konstantinos

Tezapsidou Eleni

Tezapsidou Eleni

Branch Managers

Papadopoulos Makarios

Papadopoulos Makarios

Smirnakis Ioannis

Smirnakis Ioannis

Nikolakopoulos Dimitris

Nikolakopoulos Dimitris

Tatsis Xristos

Tatsis Xristos

Sakellaropoulos Georgios

Sakellaropoulos Georgios

Kontousias Dimitris

Kontousias Dimitris

How we work

We work with people with a high level of training, know-how and expertise, that cover a wide range of scientific fields. Our team is made up of people who have been working at IME GSEVEE for many years, while at the same time it is constantly enriched and strengthened through the inclusion of new executives. We emphasize the continuous staff training, so that they keep up with the scientific developments. We select our staff following open procedures, respecting the principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination and gender equality.

We pursue and promote interdisciplinarity

We pursue our team to be composed by people that come from different and complementary scientific fields. Our people cover a wide range of scientific fields, incl. economic sciences, political and social sciences, educational policy, communication.

We invest in the high educational level of our team members

The scientific knowledge and development of our team is a necessary component for the continuous development of IME GSEVEE. The educational level of our team is particularly high, with 14% holding a PhD degree, 40% a post-graduate degree and 29% a higher education degree.

We are interested in combining long-standing experience with new knowledge

We consider that the cooperation of people of all ages is very significant, seeking to combine long-standing experience with new knowledge. Our team consists of people of all ages. 63% is from 35 to 44 years old and 20% is between 45 and 54 years old.

We promote the principle of equality among the members of our team

We follow an equal opportunities and treatment policy, respecting the principles of non-discrimination and gender equality. 57% of our team is male and 43% is female.

Our Team
vardaros@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 312

Stamatis Vardaros

gravaris@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 609

Dionysis Gravaris

lintzeris@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 323

Paraskevas Lintzeris

theocharaki@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 413

Evaggelia Theocharaki

Scientific Personnel
angelakis@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 620

Antonios Angelakis

valasi@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 321

Despoina Valasi

vatikiotis@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 507

Leonidas Vatikiotis

georgopoulos@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 617

Ilias Georgopoulos

giakoulas@imegsevee.gr 210 8846852 ext. 401

Dimitris Giakoulas

iliadis@imegsevee.gr +3026510 44727

Stavros Iliadis

thanopoulos@gsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 612

Giorgos Thanopoulos

kagkelari@kekgsevee.gr +302410 579876

Vivi Kagkelari

kourtidis@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 315

Stathis Kourtidis

louloudi@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 303

Konstantina Louloudi

maragkos@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 510

Fotis Maragkos

misentzis@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 326

Giannis Misentzis

michalopoulou@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 308

Georgia Michalopoulou

mpekri@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 318

Despoina Mpekri

pagousi@imegsevee.gr +302310 545967

Maria Pagousi

Elli Petridi

+30210 8846852 ext. 319

petridi@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 319

Elli Petridi

plessias@kekgsevee.gr +302610 438557

Alexis Plessias

profiri@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 310

Ioanna Profyri

saridakis@kekgsevee.gr +302810 361040

Vangelis Saridakis

siomadis@imegsevee.gr +302310 545967

Vasilis Siomadis

tsantila@gsevee.gr +302310 545967

Danai Tsantila

fasnakis@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 307

Konstantinos Fasnakis

haralabidou@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846850

Elena Haralampidou

Anna Harilogi

+30210 3816600 ext. 615

harilogi@gsevee.gr +30210 3816600 ext. 615

Anna Harilogi

Administrative support staff
Popi Darmi

+30210 8846852 ext. 311

darmi@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 311

Popi Darmi

Elpida Laiou

+30210 8846852 ext. 309

laiou@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 309

Elpida Laiou

maratho@gsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 603

Eleni Marathokampiti

Maria Tzeliou

+30210 8846852 ext. 304

tzeliou@kekgsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 304

Maria Tzeliou

Accounting and financial executives
anagnostakos@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 407

Giorgos Anagnostakos

sideris@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 412

Giannis Sideris

tsompanos@imegsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 420

Stelios Tsompanos

Technical support staff
bofilis@kekgsevee.gr +30210 8846852 ext. 405

Dimosthenis Bofilis

Areas accessible by people with disabilities

Areas properly designed and accessible by people with disabilities at all IME GSEVEE premises

Conference & training rooms

Fully equipped conference auditorium with a capacity of 150 people, meeting rooms, education and training rooms equipped with modern educational equipment

Library & Historical Archive

A library hosting a collection of Greek and foreign language books, documents, scientific journals and publications, and GSEVEE historical archives as well


In order to improve our internal organisation and to provide quality services, as of 2013, we apply a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standard ΕΝ ISO 9001. The system is fully adapted to IME GSEVEE aims and procedures and its main objective is to satisfy the recipients of the services provided.

Structures of IMEGSEVEE


Address: 46 Aristotelous str., Athens, 10433

Phone: +30 210 8846852

Email: info@imegsevee.gr

Central Macedonia

Address: 24 Koleti str., Thessaloniki, 54627

Phone: +30 2310-545967, +30 2310-517843

Email: thessaloniki@imegsevee.gr

Western Greece

Address: 170 Panepistimiou str., Patra, 26443

Phone: +30 2610-438557

Email: patra@imegsevee.gr


Address: 11 Vasileiou Patrikiou str., 26443

Phone: +30 2810-361040, +30 2810-361080

Email: iraklio@imegsevee.gr


Address: 2a Kastorias str., Larisa, 41335

Phone: +30 2410-579876-7

Email: larisa@imegsevee.gr


Address: 94 Stavrou Niarchou str., Ioannina, 45500

Phone: +30 26510-44727

Email: ioannina@imegsevee.gr

Structures of IMEGSEVEE