Upgrading the building sector workforce training and qualifications in Greece-UPSWING

The project was designed based on the priorities of the National Qualification Roadmap, developed under the project BUS-GR (Pillar I of BUILD UP Skills initiative) and concerns the provision of training and skills certification on energy saving of buildings, according to the EU's energy efficiency targets (Europe 2020); it also concerns three technical, vocational specialisations (aluminium/ iron workers, sealing technicians and burner installers/ servicers).

The following actions are conducted in the framework of the project:

  • Update and certification of the occupational profiles of the target-groups by integrating new skills on the energy saving and energy efficiency special fields.
  • Setting forth the requirements and rules governing each certification scheme, by enabling the active participation of the groups concerned, in order to respond to the real needs of each profession.
  • Designing the required specialised programmes of vocational training and forming the necessary educational material.
  • Developing a basic, horizontal training module on energy efficiency of buildings, addressed to all construction workers.
  • Conducting pilot, training programmes aimed to evaluate and improve the workforce.
  • Qualifications’ certification, as stipulated by the current institutional framework.
  • Recognising and broadly applying the three schemes of vocational training and qualifications certification.

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Targets & results of project

139 trainees
107 certified trainees
59 trained trainers
3 updated occupational profiles on energy efficiency
3 pilot programmes for trainers' training