Vocational training and professional qualification pilot schemes

The project comprises of two interlinked pillars of action: the first concerns the design and implementation of technical vocational training in specialised fields based on certified, vocational profiles of technical specialisations.

The programmes feature the following thematic modules:

  1. Photovoltaic systems and renewable energy sources (RES).
  2. Smart electrical installations and remote management.
  3. Geothermal energy – Solar thermal energy – Energy saving techniques.
  4. Technical training for plumbers.
  5. Hybrid cars' technology.
  6. Diesel-engine systems.
  7. Replacement of coolant in car’s Α/C.
  8. Technical training of professional locksmiths.
  9. Training of school canteens’ managers.
  10. Management of greenhouses gases coming from cooling substances (refrigerators / air conditions).
  11. Technical training of refrigeration engineers.
  12. Technical training of glaziers.
  13. Technical training of driving and road safety instructors.
  14. New food & culinary standards.
  15. Modern techniques and special processing for carpets-tapestries’ cleaning.
  16. New construction related techniques for the production of aluminium and iron.
  17. Technical training of insulation / sealing professionals.
  18. Property evaluation and new legislation governing the real estate agencies.
  19. Technical training of laundry professionals.
  20. Training of maintainers/installers/ of liquid and gaseous fuels' burners.
  21. Specialised beautician techniques: Permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo.
  22. Training of elevators’ technicians on the new installation and maintenance standards.
  23. Management of food hygiene and safety standards at butchers’ shops.

The second pillar concerns the support and preparation of selected teams of trainees who wish to pass the exams for the certification of their vocational qualifications.

The project is implemented on a national scale in cooperation with all the Federations-Trade Unions, members of GSEVEE and concerns basic professions represented by GSEVEE, such as electrical engineers, plumbers, refrigeration engineers, aluminium manufacturers, glaziers, locksmiths, mechanical engineers, auto body repairers, restaurant owners, butchers, cantinas' managers, beauticians, dry cleaners, driving instructors etc.

The main objective of the project is obtaining/updating vocational knowledge and skills and the effective protection and recognition of professional qualifications through certification processes.

Την παρούσα χρονική στιγμή δεν υπάρχουν δημοσιεύσεις.

Την παρούσα χρονική στιγμή δεν υπάρχουν γεγονότα ή νέα.

Την παρούσα χρονική στιγμή δεν υπάρχουν προσκλήσεις ή διαγωνισμοί.

Targets & results of project

6.020 trainees
1.347 certified trainees
23 training manuals
327 training programmes
2 studies