Lifelong learning programmes for the development of horizontal and social skills

The project concerns the implementation of lifelong learning programmes addressed to employees of public and private sector, self-employed and affiliated members of small business units. These are specialised programmes for upgrading knowledge, competencies and skills aiming to developing fundamental, horizontal and social skills ("career skills").

In particular, the basic subject matters are:

  1. Discrimination and otherness issues in the workplace.
  2. Written speech and communication (oral and non-verbal) skills of employees.
  3. Conflict management in the workplace.
  4. Economic and business literacy.
  5. Post-cognitive skills.
  6. Elements of contemporary labour legislation and labour relations in the modern economic environment.
  7. Negotiation practices and techniques between employees and employers in the developing business environment and the notion of consultation.
  8. Social economics and innovative business forms.
  9. Lifelong learning and certification of qualifications.
  10. Workplace and collective bargaining under the new socio-economic framework.
  11. Social policy and social insurance.
  12. Issues of economy and work life.
  13. New technologies and entrepreneurship in small enterprises.
  14. Foreign business terminology.
  15. Intervention techniques in the business operation and techniques dealing with the crisis and the negative economic conditions- The operation of an enterprise under financial crisis conditions.
  16. English lessons: Workplace-orientated language learning programmes.
  17. Training for the representation in public services.
  18. Training of public servants for the development of cooperation skills by implementing specialised IT and communication skills per target-group.
  19. Health and safety conditions in the workplace.
  20. Disaster response plans.
  21. Administrative and organisational skills.

The training programmes use the "blended learning" methodology, consisting of 35 training hours of in person learning and 35 hours of distance learning.

The main objective of the project is to modernise and upgrade the social-horizontal skills of employees, in order to facilitate their adjustment and integration in cutting-edge professions, as well as to develop innovative actions and undertake new business initiatives. In parallel, acquiring or strengthening of one's social skills will offer a significant, comparative advantage for the evolution and distinction of employees in the modern labour market.

One of the key novelties of the project is that it has been designed and will be implemented by IME GSEVEE a mentoring action for trainees, in order to bridge the training results with the professional and personal life of the beneficiaries. The project is implemented across the Regions of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, Attica, Northern Aegean, Central Macedonia, Western Greece, Western Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionian Islands, Crete and Peloponnese.

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Targets & results of project

1.640 trainees
88 lifelong learning programmes
21 modules
820 beneficiaries receiving mentoring support offered
2 study