Lifelong learning programmes for the employees of small enterprises

The project concerns the implementation of lifelong learning programmes for employers, self-employed persons, employees and affiliated members of small and micro enterprises.

 The programmes feature the following thematic modules:

1) Information and communication technologies- internet applications in small enterprises.

2) Entrepreneurship.

3) First Aid techniques in the workplace.

4) Environmental education.

5) Specialised Greek and foreign language business and professional terms for small enterprises.

6) Adult education: principles and methods

The main objective of the programmes is to boost the productivity of small enterprises by highlighting the business culture, improving the IT management skills and by meeting the identified training needs in individual specialised fields (health and safety, environmental protection, adult education, etc.). The project is implemented on a national scale.

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Targets & results of project

4.736 trainees
303 lifelong learning programmes
14 educational material
1 conference
4 studies