Raising awareness, publicity and dissemination activities of GSEVEE's actions under the Operational Programme Human Resources Development

With a view to make its interventions more effective, IME GSEVEE undertook a series of activities aiming to strengthen small and micro enterprises and achieve institutional empowerment of GSEVEE in the framework of the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development".

The project primarily aims at informing small enterprises about the services provided by IME GSEVEE encourage their participation in these services and enable them to use all resources and opportunities available in the modern business environment. On a second phase, the project aims at disseminating the results of the activities concerning the upgrade of GSEVEE interventions across local, national and European level.

In order to achieve the above objectives, a "mixture" of awareness and publicity tools that combines publications, media involvement (press, radio, and internet) as well as organisation of events, has been applied.




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Targets & results of project

12 day- conferences
1 conference
10 informative leaflets (newsletters)
75 press advertisements